About Cogni

Who we are

With years of working on the design and development of eTrading services, our team, from 2008 until 2013, ran a group of companies including the largest group purchasing organisation in NZ: GSB (now N3), and the largest eProcurement and eCommerce B2B provider in NZ: Conexa.

Our team through their careers in B2B have worked in a variety of roles including Business Analysis, Solutions Architecture, Project Management, Sales, Marketing, COO, CTO and CEO roles.

We understand both the details and the big picture, and are as comfortable communicating at an executive level as we are at a technical and process level.

In summary, We get B2B. The full scope of it.

What we do

We are a specialist consulting team focused on Business to Business (B2B) electronic trading. We are different because we understand both sides of the B2B equation: Supply and Procurement

B2B companies have the challenge of providing intuitive platforms with the simplicity of B2C websites, yet have the controls required in B2B. This is not a simple challenge and few companies have struck that balance. When they do strike that balance however, the results can be staggering from customer satisfaction all the way to the bottom line.

As a team, we understand that unique balance and have ourselves been executives, technologists, and sales and marketing specialists with careers centered on B2B. We provide you with practical processes, solutions, and approaches from a wealth of experience in both technology and business.


We can help you implement the best eProcurement tools, that your staff will enjoy using, and your suppliers will connect to... It's the best path to the end result: Managed Spend.


We can help you build your business case, design your platform, select your technologies, and implement them with the clear primary target in mind: More Sales.

At Cogni, we get B2B. We target end results not just processes. We measure our success by how fast we make ourselves redundant.