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eCommerce that increases  reduces supports your sales. costs. customers.

Business to Business (B2B) companies understand that migrating their customers online increases sales and decreases costs. To get there, you need to navigate through a multitude of internal and external stakeholder requirements, focus only on what is relevant, stay within budget and deliver to demanding timeframes. Even once delivered and running, it will be your customers who decide how successful your eCommerce service will be.

We understand the challenges you will face: risks of exposing limitations of internal technologies, out of control pricing structures, catering for customers ranging from the solo operator to the multinational corporation... We can save you the time and hassle of discovering and tackling these many challenges yourself.

Let our in-depth understanding of B2B eCommerce work for you.

Usability is the key to the success of an eCommerce platform in improving sales. Deliver a platform that makes it easier for your customers to buy from you. Improve cashflow, reduce processing costs, and efficiently handle disputes. Focus the platform to achieve:

 Increased Sales.  More purchases and more customers.
 Customer Satisfaction.  Accessibility and availability of products and support.
 Lower Costs.  Better processes and improved efficiencies.

Improve cashflow, reduce disputes and reduce processing costs. eBilling can dramatically improve the efficiency of your Accounts Receivable processes through immediate invoice delivery, reduction in payment delays, and building customer trust::

 Immediate  availability of billing information to your customers in multiple formats.
 Alerts  and notifications to reduce payment delays and identify issues early.
 Disputes  management processes that reduce non payment and build customer trust.

With a successful eCommerce platform, you have the attention of your customers. A successful platform provides powerful insights into what your customers need. eCommerce is a key channel for marketing to:

 Promote  products, services and incentives.
 Upsell  to premium products and new ranges.
 Recommend  alternatives or associated products.

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Our Services


Building the Business Case
We focus on providing you with a clear view of the value to your business that can be acheieved from a successful B2B strategy. This will highlight the gap between where your business is and where it needs to be. This gap will be a cornerstone of your Business Case. We can help you focus on "separating the wheat from the chaff" and focusing your efforts and resources on what really matters.


Creating a Usability Strategy
The success of an eCommerce platform will mostly be decided by how intuitive it is for the end users. The main challenge in B2B is striking that fine balance between control, functionality necessary for B2B and simplicity demanded by users accustomed to shopping online as consumers. Our team have worked with numerous industries including some of the largest corporates in the world to achieve more than 90% adoption rates with their customers.


Defining your Solution Architecture
Make your eCommerce platform an efficient extension of your internal IT systems. Ensure it is flexible enough to support all channels to your platform; web and mobile. We have the unique mix of technical knowledge and business experience to work with your team to establish technology and process architecture that supports your unique requirements, and works with, or around, limitations in your internal IT systems. Being independent of any eCommerce vendors, we only represent your interests.


Managing the RFx Process
To select the right technologies or vendors, RFPs should be designed to test the providers alignment to your business requirements. The weightings of all the selection parameters requries intimate knowledge of the full scope of the requirements. The cheapest and the most expensive are not usually the right options. Our team have an extensive background in procurement and technology. We can ensure your RFP process establishes the right partnerships for you.


Planning your Onboarding Strategy
Consider what will be needed for the rollout to your customers: Marketing materials, Training materials, Demonstration instances, Promotional materials, Incentive programs, Communications, etc. Also considerwho will need to be involved in the rollout and the coordination required between them. Our team have managed eCommerce rollouts from small controlled events to global synchronised multinational releases.


Auditing Performance and recommending Optimisations
Whether you have existing systems or are in the process of developing them, we can provide you with factual analysis of any inefficient elements within the full scope of your platform. This includes internal systems, processes, technologies, functionality, hosting, vendor performance, site usability, uptake, SEO efficiency, etc. The prime question in an Audit: What, if anything, is holding back the platform from delivering the full benefits of the strategy? Our team have the unique combination of technical knowledge, business expertise and extensive eperience in eCommerce platforms.